Being Selfish Is Wack

16 Feb

Give a little bit…Give something.

$20.00 would go a long way to a bum with no bed to sleep on. However, some of you claim that $100 is just pocket change to you. Give and share what God has blessed you with and use that to bless others. I have a HUGE soft spot for the homeless. I feel if I can buy the most luxurious thread counted sheets, then I can help a homeless man that doesn’t even have a blanket. Just help someone, somewhere and don’t let life make you believe it’s not cool to give. Humble yourself before God put’s you in their shoes.

We all have to start coming together as a Nation and stop looking like the World’s hoodrat. I will see a Man Vs. food preview wasting food recklessly and then a “Help Starving Kids In Africa” commercial directly after that PREVIEW of a man stuffing his face with ridiculous amounts of food…for fun. :-/

I think our Country is embarrassing at times. Yeah small children in China are forced to make large quantities of Baby Phat dresses but they don’t look half as bad as the USA. Maybe that killing your first born that’s a girl thing and….nevermind.



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