Confrontation Confrontation Confrontation

16 Feb

The good ole “meet me at the playground after school” topic.

People have become so afraid to hear the truth that they’ll go to extreme measures to avoid it…with me at least. Confrontation is actually more necessary than you think. It can be used in a healthy and harmless manner to get corrective action on an issue you have with another person. Usually the people that always say “I don’t like confrontation” are the one’s that run into the most problems. If you have an issue, handle it. Wasting your time cracking fake smiles and giggles around a person you have a problem with is stupid and immature.

I will never waste another minute around someone that bothers me or is doing something I don’t like. It’s pointless, and to be honest with you it doesn’t feel good. I feel like a scumbag fucking with people that I really don’t like; so I have to correct the problem immediately. I see the avoidance of confrontation on all of the time. The reason it stands out so much to me is because here you have a large group of strangers, that may never see each other, afraid to state how they really feel. I can only imagine what type of level 6 pussy vagina you are offline.

Life is too short. Dead your beefs, right your wrongs, give a hug, give a finger, but please stop lying to one another and keeping your true feelings buried deep inside. Trust me, people don’t care as much as you think they do. Also, don’t look at confrontation as something that’s petty or immature. Is it petty or immature for your BOSS to call you in the office to correct your actions? You cannot be a leader and avoid confrontation. Remember that!

This topic was motivated by @KingMagma. Thanks!


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