Stereotypes Are Wack!

16 Feb

Stereotypes of the typical black man and the typical black woman have been around for ages. It’s not just my race that is being bombarded with silly assumptions. Everyone is a victim of being stereotyped, rather it be good or bad. Stereotyping hurts. If I could protect my child from being judged for the color of his skin or the way he dresses, I would. But the truth of the matter is, no one is exempt or protected by the ignorance of other human beings. It is almost impossible to avoid. The two most common stereotyped races are Mexicans and African Americans. We all coexist in the same world, but we’re all looked at in a different light.

Most people assume that Mexicans are poor with 6-9 people stuffed in a two bedroom house or small car. They also assume that Mexican women are more fertile than the next woman. Yet no studies have shown this assumption to be factual. Try living your entire life with an assumption like this over your head. Better yet, try attending Medical school with people looking at you like you don’t belong there. Here in San Diego, CA, Mexican owned businesses are growing and prospering year after year. There are Mexican women that have no children, speak perfectly good English and are educated. These assumptions will forever live on, no matter what I type.

African Americans are one of the most stereotyped races known to man. This stereotype dates back to slavery, when black people were only good enough to look after children and pick cotton. What I find extremely pathetic is that we stereotype within our own race. Black women are known for being loud, argumentative, on welfare, “ghetto”, man haters, less attractive than other races, poor and uneducated. Black men are known for being dead beat dads, abusive, angry, thugs or ex-cons, jobless, uneducated and disrespectful towards women. This may represent the group of black people you’ve met, but this doesn’t represent all black people. I have been living this stereotype my entire life. I have my moments, but I go the extra mile to make sure my son doesn’t look at black women in this negative light. My husband has gone the extra mile to prove this stereotype, of the typical black man wrong.

Assumptions serve only one purpose, they make you look like an ass. At times, it’s even hard for me to not judge based on the way someone talks or dresses. Stereotyping will never end, because people use it as an excuse to be racist. That’s my honest opinion about it.


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