Very Random But…

16 Feb

I feel that you really do have to be kind & polite in the health care industry. Because if you’re not and I have a Doctor’s appointment on that day I’m gonna bro kick your ass. Walking by all of these Hand Sanitizing units has made me really think…I think Birdman use to be in the health care industry before Cash Money.

I met a business man in the lobby dressed in an Italian suit with some serious hair products. That made me think as well…you really do have to look, talk & dress a certain way for certain industries and if you wanna SUCCEED in that industry.. Image IS everything.

If you don’t believe image is everything try interviewing for a bankers job with a fitted cap and a pineapple quick weave. Or try interviewing for a Hooter’s position in an oversized moomoo gown. The only fields where you can be & look how you want is the fast food & health care industry. That’s fucked up because I want my burger made by a clean gentlemen and my blood drawn from a non meth whore.

I’m just bored and sitting here thinking. Now I gotta check out because a sweet little white girl said so.



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