20 Feb

Stupid Entertainment Crap

A Toddler Tranny

Somewhere in London, there is a 5-year old boy named Zach Avery, soon to be Zachira I assume, and he PREFERS (and dresses the part) to be a girl.  Also, he breaks out in tears and tries to cut off his penis.  WAIT, and his parents are ALLOWING his behavior and this strange recreational hobby (I just don’t know what to call it).

Are we on Earth and this family lives in a different London on Venus?

How do you, in your right mind, enable this behavior, and an obvious mental sickness, as a parent to a 5-yeaar old cross dressing tranny? How is the father of little Zach, as a MAN, raising his son to be a tranny and sitting back quietly while his wife takes their SON shopping for his first bra?

This kid has all of the supplies, toys, and accessories to be classified as a little…

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