How Many Drunk Monkey’s Do You Know? I Mean Really! America Continues To Lie To Us…

21 Feb

America is known for making dumb statements, and lies to create unnecessary controversy and drama amongst Americans. You might as well read about love, positivity, and all that other shit, because America (and it’s bullshit media) will only depress you. President Obama hasn’t done enough UNTIL the election’s came around and it affected his ESPN Commentator wanna be ass. McDonald’s has changed, and is now using cheaper FAKE meat. Get over it; fill out an application for a second job and stop complaining about GAS PRICES.  Gas will NEVER be $0.99 again; and if so, it won’t be anytime soon.  Stop making excuses for not having a job, not having any gas to get to a job, not being able to get your girlfriend (of 2 weeks) to put out, and stop crying about your mom not letting you sleep on her couch, at the age of 30.

I’m here to let you know: shit will not change; until you get up off of your lazy ass and make something change for yourself.  PRESIDENT OBAMA won’t pay your light bill, you rat scallion hoodrats.

So, now go and be encouraged by reading my blog Live.Life.Love..


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