Just Because I’m Black Doesn’t Mean I Have To Support Obama, Tupac & OJ Simpson

23 Feb

The color of skin has nothing to do with personal preference and beliefs; but, in today’s society (and yesterday’s) some people believe it does.. Some people are raised to believe that they have to think or look a certain way to be accepted in their race. I wish I had a dollar for every time someone assumed I listen to Tupac and smoke weed. One day a coworker of mine accused me of loving fried chicken and supporting President Obama. The funny thing about that story is: I was wearing a business suit while drinking coffee in a small cafe, in Little Italy, while reading The Wallstreet Journal. No matter what I do, I cannot run away from these ridiculous stereotypes about black people. When I say “I”, I really mean “WE”.

Just because we FINALLY got the first black President in office, doesn’t mean I have to support Obama’s every move and decision. I see men, women and children wearing “My President is Black” T-shirts; yet, when you ask them if they voted or know what Obama has done for this country, the answer may be “NO” or “I DON’T KNOW”. I refuse to support something just because it’s “African-American Approved”. I will continue to support or oppose based on my knowledge of that individual or subject. I have no interest in tap dancing for a group of people to fit in or be accepted; that includes my own race, Caucasian, Indian, Spanish, Greek, and etc..

I stand behind whatever my morals and values tell me to believe in at the moment. I don’t immediately support something, before understanding it, just because it has something to do with African American’s. I’ve actually had people read my blogs and send me personal messages saying, “I didn’t know you were black”. Does me being a black woman make my thoughts better or worst? Or does it explain my passion for words and sharing my thoughts?

This wasn’t a post about my support for or against Obama, Tupac and/or OJ; this was a post about getting to the root of why people make assumptions when it comes to race. Why should my hobbies, values, and even the food I eat, link me to being a black person? I love hanging out in Country Clubs; cooking Italian and Chinese food; and playing spades while drinking Hennessy with my friends and family. What does that make me? Am I not “black” enough for you?

We all can learn something interesting for each other, no matter the color of our skin. I try to stay away from those that discriminate, because they usually don’t appreciate life as much as they may claim. The whole point of living is to love life and learn something while you’re here. I cannot possibly relearn the SAME repetitive traditions that I grew up on from the same people that I grew up around. Go outside of the box and try something new and meet new people. Don’t assume that all black people support Obama; love friend chicken and watermelon; and live in the poorest neighborhoods of your city.

Let’s start over: “Hi, my name is Sherina. I’m black and I think Obama could do more. I hate fried chicken and Strawberries are my favorite fruit (NOT watermelon). I live in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in San Diego, right next to a beaufitul Golf Course. Will you be my friend? Check yes___ or no___.” 🙂


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