UPDATED: What Creeps Me Out. Well, Here We Go.

23 Feb

Guilty Viewing Pleasures: Fear

I’m a HUGE vagina, so this list is a tad bit too long for a 29-year old woman.

  1. Bums with no guilty consciences or change for beer.
  2. Stationary white children with imaginary friends. (also, white teenagers with trench coats & white men with white vans)
  3. Epileptic ghost – the one’s that Harlem shake in the horror flicks.
  4. Candy Monsters: Life sized gummi bears with weapons.
  5. Aggressive roaches that don’t seem to fear YOU.
  6. People that sit in bushes and wait for me.
  7. The Dark – Especially when I wake up in the middle of the night and have to get juice or a snack. I just wake my husband up to go get it for me.
  8. ALL Bugs & Tiny creatures (even ladybugs) – I’m TERRIFIED of bugs. I embarrass myself so bad when I go home (FL) to visit. Florida is where disgusting creatures go to retire. ESPECIALLY Frogs, spiders & palmetto bugs. Ugh.
  9. Ghost – I believe in them, I saw one & I don’t wanna discuss it.
  10. Both of those Paranormal Activity movies – Of course after #4.
  11. People that stare at me – I’ll think you have a bomb in your man bag if you stare at me.
  12. The Chuck E. Cheese Rat & Mickey Mouse – It’s those huge hands and that huge head. They’re always running around & invading the space of children.
  13. People that are waaay to interested in my life – more so than their own.
  14. Clowns – After the movie “Killer Clowns From Outer Space” (1988)
  15. All the ole school bathroom monsters – i.e. Candyman, the Boogieman, Beatle Juice, Bloody Mary (I take my two more times to type or say her name very serious
  16. Is it too soon to say “Michael Jackson in person.

I think I covered everything. I’ll update this pathetic list of creepy things, for a grown woman pushing 30, if I think of anything else.  WHAT CREEPS YOU OUT?

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