What Does My Dream Mean? Ocean Girl I Was A Man…

28 Feb

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

SO, basically I was a WHITE MAN in my dream, but he had the same personality and humor as I did.  [Yeah I know, WEIRD, keep reading.] He was in his mid twenties and he looked kinda plain and geekish.  He had a… well I had a girlfriend that I enjoyed and had fun with, but there was this other girl who was absolutely perfect for me.  It was so unexplainable; if we were together and happy, that’s all that we needed.  She was so unreal.  HOWEVER, I had to skydive, i think, into the ocean to see her.  She would magically appear if I would skydive deep into the ocean; like a magical mermaid, but she was no mermaid.  My ocean girl looked international; she had short black hair and I think she was from France.

We were having so much fun, kinda like me and my husband.  THEN, there was the current girl that I was with that got tired of me disappearing and didn’t believe my story. [Yeah I told her] OH WAIT, so when I jumped into the ocean, it was like an alternate world opened up to me; I would be in France with her or in a house; weird.  So yeah, my current girl jumped into the ocean one day, and caught me and my ocean lady arguing in the middle of the ocean, looking like sexy mermaids, because I couldn’t come see her as much, i think; then my current and real girl took a picture to show it to the media and expose me.  She JUMPED out of the ocean back into the air, and I followed behind, when I noticed her, to frantically chase her for her camera.

It was the most magical dream ever; then my stupid husband woke me up for.. nah, nevermind his sister follows this blog; but yeah, so I told him the dream, JUST LIKE THIS BLOG POST, and he called me weird and told me not to tell you guys.  Then he said, “So you wanted to f&^# right?”.  God you men are so stupid.  I hate that, I wish I could have finished that dream.

Anyway, comment and tell me what it means.


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