2 Mar
I’m all about love and support; always have been.  Why can’t more people be like that? Instead you have family stabbing you in the back and standing along the same sideline as strangers and “so-called” enemies. You have friends hiding in the grass like snakes. I have very little hope for the human race and all of my hope & faith is in God.
I can call on him 24/7, he doesn’t complain, he advises; he doesn’t get in a group and point fingers; and he is the one that keeps food on my table; and my family happy, healthy and housed; not me nor Jessie. God has done everything for us. So if you want to know why and how we got this or had that, ask God. That’s who made it happen and KEEPS making it happen. I can do any and all things through Jesus Christ. So can you. No sickness or hospital will stop me from being who I need to be.
A lot of people don’t appreciate my loyalty and honesty; instead I think they hate their own dishonesty and devotion. I cannot change them, and I never will TRY to change anyone ever again.  Once upon a time, I let those same dishonest people throw me off of the path that God set for me.  I will not make that mistake again either.  Hate towards another person is just a part of you that wants something that they have.
So don’t hate or deceive me for whatever reason, try hating God. He is MY maker and yours too.
Until my last breath every opportunity, year, month, or blessing is a new chapter for me and my family.  Jessie wants to train to play on the PGA tours, and I 100% support him.  I’m in the process of working with other brands and companies to build my online presence and website, he 100% supports that; and if my son wanted to be a night ninja, I probably would support that too.  BUT the 1 and only most important being that has made everything we have ever done possible is: my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, GOD, the Holy Spirit, the three wives; whatever YOU call him and whoever he is to you.  He’s the same God to me.
Thank you Lord for always being there for me and my family. These tears that I shed are clearing my vision to see what you really need me to see.  You have ALWAYS cleared storms for me or showed me the light at the end of any tunnel.  I ♥ you.


[Sorry, this was shorter on Facebook, lol.]


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