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Chris Bosh Strikes Again…#Suspect

28 Feb

Oh My Goodness!


Dirty Bear is Hilariously Perverted and Magical… HIS VOICE LMAO!

28 Feb

How Many Drunk Monkey’s Do You Know? I Mean Really! America Continues To Lie To Us…

21 Feb

America is known for making dumb statements, and lies to create unnecessary controversy and drama amongst Americans. You might as well read about love, positivity, and all that other shit, because America (and it’s bullshit media) will only depress you. President Obama hasn’t done enough UNTIL the election’s came around and it affected his ESPN Commentator wanna be ass. McDonald’s has changed, and is now using cheaper FAKE meat. Get over it; fill out an application for a second job and stop complaining about GAS PRICES.  Gas will NEVER be $0.99 again; and if so, it won’t be anytime soon.  Stop making excuses for not having a job, not having any gas to get to a job, not being able to get your girlfriend (of 2 weeks) to put out, and stop crying about your mom not letting you sleep on her couch, at the age of 30.

I’m here to let you know: shit will not change; until you get up off of your lazy ass and make something change for yourself.  PRESIDENT OBAMA won’t pay your light bill, you rat scallion hoodrats.

So, now go and be encouraged by reading my blog Live.Life.Love..

A Sheep Married A Deer in China…

19 Feb

The Happy Couple

Waaiiit… animals are finding swirl love and a good man now.  You humans are really screwed now if filthy sheep are jumping the broom before you do.  Good luck with your love life now.  I have so many questions.  First, who in China spoke sheep and deer language to know what needed to happen on whatever day with whatever chosen bouquet?  Here’s the original story:

In Barnyard Animal Swirling News : A Sheep Has Married A Deer in China

Must be love?

Three months or so ago, reports began to surface that a sheep and a deer were carrying on a love affair at a Chinese zoo:

The two animals first drew the attention of the internet back in November when pictures of the two cuddling and then copulating circulated throughout China’s social media. The male sheep, “Long Hair,” and female deer, “Pure Child,” were treated to a wedding bath and a banquet of carrots and grass with other park animals and guests. Aside from a brief hiccup when Pure Child got nervous and momentarily left the “groom” at the altar, the two eventually made their way through an “I Do Gate” constructed by staff to affirm their “love.”

Despite the feel-good nature of the story, many netizens continue to dispute the veracity of the relationship as well as the appropriateness of an inter-species mock-marriage in a country that as of yet forbids non-traditional marriages.

via A Sheep Has Married A Deer in China | Bossip.

Man Law #1383

16 Feb

A man should never tell another heterosexual man “Happy Valentine’s Day”. You may discuss what you’re getting for your wife, girlfriend & mother but NEVER say these three words to another straight man. If you wish your homeboy a beautiful Valentine’s Day, then you might as well buy him a card and a box of chocolate (btw there’s not a section of Valentine’s Day cards for Male friends to other male friends).

Valentine’s Day is a day of romance and a celebration of love with your significant other. I hope you all had a beautiful Valentine’s Day with that special someone. I just hope that special someone wasn’t your homeboy. xoxo

The Truth About WebMD

16 Feb