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RACISM LIVES: I’m So PISSED. I Should Never Let an Online Loser Get Me This Mad But….

7 Mar

So I signed up for hubpages and asked a questions.  the questions was:

Do white women clutch their purse when they walk past other white people?

It was a simple question that I TRULY wanted to know the answer to. I’ve had it happen to me more than once in a 5 day span RECENTLY.  I’m not calling everyone that is white racist or judging them.  I wanted to know did white women do that to ALL races or is it just black people.  One woman answered with: “The media… and today’s youth has struck fear in the hearts of many”.  OR something like that, now THAT I can understand and agree with.  Even I am a bit skeptical when I see a troubled youth walk past me with anger and rebellion in his/her eyes.  However, I don’t fear people who politely speak to me and carry a smile on their face.  Why would I?

There was two people, I assume they were white, that claimed I was being racist and judging white people and blah blah blah.  I just asked a simple questions, I didn’t give any detail or my reason for asking the question.  I replied to one person with “I’m not judging white people harshly, I just want to know the answer to the question… If you’re so sensitive to the point that you can’t have a discussion without attacking someone, stay off of my questions”… Innocent enough.  At least that’s what I thought.  This was his reply to me via email:

Racist Prick Pretending To Fight Racism - @EXLEFTIST on HubPages




2 Mar
I’m all about love and support; always have been.  Why can’t more people be like that? Instead you have family stabbing you in the back and standing along the same sideline as strangers and “so-called” enemies. You have friends hiding in the grass like snakes. I have very little hope for the human race and all of my hope & faith is in God.
I can call on him 24/7, he doesn’t complain, he advises; he doesn’t get in a group and point fingers; and he is the one that keeps food on my table; and my family happy, healthy and housed; not me nor Jessie. God has done everything for us. So if you want to know why and how we got this or had that, ask God. That’s who made it happen and KEEPS making it happen. I can do any and all things through Jesus Christ. So can you. No sickness or hospital will stop me from being who I need to be.
A lot of people don’t appreciate my loyalty and honesty; instead I think they hate their own dishonesty and devotion. I cannot change them, and I never will TRY to change anyone ever again.  Once upon a time, I let those same dishonest people throw me off of the path that God set for me.  I will not make that mistake again either.  Hate towards another person is just a part of you that wants something that they have.
So don’t hate or deceive me for whatever reason, try hating God. He is MY maker and yours too.
Until my last breath every opportunity, year, month, or blessing is a new chapter for me and my family.  Jessie wants to train to play on the PGA tours, and I 100% support him.  I’m in the process of working with other brands and companies to build my online presence and website, he 100% supports that; and if my son wanted to be a night ninja, I probably would support that too.  BUT the 1 and only most important being that has made everything we have ever done possible is: my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, GOD, the Holy Spirit, the three wives; whatever YOU call him and whoever he is to you.  He’s the same God to me.
Thank you Lord for always being there for me and my family. These tears that I shed are clearing my vision to see what you really need me to see.  You have ALWAYS cleared storms for me or showed me the light at the end of any tunnel.  I ♥ you.


[Sorry, this was shorter on Facebook, lol.]

A Zebra!!!!!

26 Feb

I never knew that this was in my photo choices for desktop pictures. If any of you KNOW me then you’ll know how magical this is for me.  I LOVE ZEBRAS.


Just Because I’m Black Doesn’t Mean I Have To Support Obama, Tupac & OJ Simpson

23 Feb

The color of skin has nothing to do with personal preference and beliefs; but, in today’s society (and yesterday’s) some people believe it does.. Some people are raised to believe that they have to think or look a certain way to be accepted in their race. I wish I had a dollar for every time someone assumed I listen to Tupac and smoke weed. One day a coworker of mine accused me of loving fried chicken and supporting President Obama. The funny thing about that story is: I was wearing a business suit while drinking coffee in a small cafe, in Little Italy, while reading The Wallstreet Journal. No matter what I do, I cannot run away from these ridiculous stereotypes about black people. When I say “I”, I really mean “WE”.

Just because we FINALLY got the first black President in office, doesn’t mean I have to support Obama’s every move and decision. I see men, women and children wearing “My President is Black” T-shirts; yet, when you ask them if they voted or know what Obama has done for this country, the answer may be “NO” or “I DON’T KNOW”. I refuse to support something just because it’s “African-American Approved”. I will continue to support or oppose based on my knowledge of that individual or subject. I have no interest in tap dancing for a group of people to fit in or be accepted; that includes my own race, Caucasian, Indian, Spanish, Greek, and etc..
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UPDATED: What Creeps Me Out. Well, Here We Go.

23 Feb

Guilty Viewing Pleasures: Fear

I’m a HUGE vagina, so this list is a tad bit too long for a 29-year old woman.

  1. Bums with no guilty consciences or change for beer.
  2. Stationary white children with imaginary friends. (also, white teenagers with trench coats & white men with white vans)
  3. Epileptic ghost – the one’s that Harlem shake in the horror flicks.
  4. Candy Monsters: Life sized gummi bears with weapons.
  5. Aggressive roaches that don’t seem to fear YOU.
  6. People that sit in bushes and wait for me. Continue reading

“Me & My Husband Are In Cahoots ONLINE!

21 Feb

Love Is Dope

So my husband won’t sign up for a account, which I happen to love.  I appreciate his hate for twitter because he plays entirely too much, and I am a twitter fiend (yes I can admit it). However, I found a new site that I love and can get paid candy money for my Schizophrenic outbursts.  As soon as he heard the word “PAID”, he immediately ran to the computer to make an account.

So, I replied to my husband’s posts titled “Who’s Penis Is This”.   Then I made my OWN separate post (that was inspired by his post) titled “Where’s The Penis…Inspired by JessieJames21”.  I don’t see the big deal and why my mom had to be called a Scallywag bitch with a Lebron James Hairline...PETTY, but whatever.

Shout out to my new Twitter World,

How Many Drunk Monkey’s Do You Know? I Mean Really! America Continues To Lie To Us…

21 Feb

America is known for making dumb statements, and lies to create unnecessary controversy and drama amongst Americans. You might as well read about love, positivity, and all that other shit, because America (and it’s bullshit media) will only depress you. President Obama hasn’t done enough UNTIL the election’s came around and it affected his ESPN Commentator wanna be ass. McDonald’s has changed, and is now using cheaper FAKE meat. Get over it; fill out an application for a second job and stop complaining about GAS PRICES.  Gas will NEVER be $0.99 again; and if so, it won’t be anytime soon.  Stop making excuses for not having a job, not having any gas to get to a job, not being able to get your girlfriend (of 2 weeks) to put out, and stop crying about your mom not letting you sleep on her couch, at the age of 30.

I’m here to let you know: shit will not change; until you get up off of your lazy ass and make something change for yourself.  PRESIDENT OBAMA won’t pay your light bill, you rat scallion hoodrats.

So, now go and be encouraged by reading my blog Live.Life.Love..